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The Second Novel in the Series:

The Ghost Ship Chronicles

Imperial Sigil by Tanna Borrell

Is an unsold/uncontracted novel ready for publication


Proposed cover art

Chapter 1 Secrets

Length of Novel:

70,055 words

Keywords and Market Focus:

Science fiction, space, adventure, intrigue, space ships; will appeal to adults and young adults interested in science fiction/adventure

Ghost: Twilight Lamb is a unique novel but the concept is similar to Jack Vance’s To Live Forever or many of Andrea Norton’s mind swap novels.


Science Fiction


Den and Natana Protania are blessed and cursed.  Both are psyonic masters and experts in the operation and management of Family Trader spacecraft.  They are newly and happily married with a stellar future on the Family Trading Ship, Twilight Lamb.  But both share horrible secrets, and a potentially deadly future.

A standard year ago, the Twilight Lamb salvaged an ancient Imperial courier ship, the Athelstan Cying.  Onboard, Den Protania broke protocol and mortally injured himself.  As he died, Den encountered a spirit who tried to save him.  The being could not save Den’s spirit, but he stabilized his body and was trapped as Den Protania.  Natana Kern shared Den’s secret and helped the new Den reclaim his place in the Twilight Lamb.  They wove a friendship that soon became something more. 

In his ancient past, Den had been a psyonic master.  Natana learned everything she could from him.  On the planet, Neuterra, Natana and Den stumbled on a group, the Athenian Charter that used psyonic tools for political and criminal activity.  The group kidnapped and experimented on Den and Natana.  While Den and Natana were captives, the Athenian Charter introduced a super computer symbiot into Natana’s brain.  The Athenian Charter hoped to use the device to control Natana. Instead, coupled with Natana’s intellect, it became a powerful tool that Den and Natana used to escape their captors.  Den and Natana share a second secret: Natana’s computational capabilities and their source.             

Den and Natana discovered a worthy enemy—the Athenian Charter is accumulating the power to enslave millions.  They have raided ancient archeological sites for psyonic equipment from the Human Galactic Empire and the Reps.  To have any hope of countering the Athenian Charter, Den and Natana must recover as much information as possible about them.  While still on Neuterra, they execute a foray on the Athenian Charter and the Neuterran archeological sites.  Den is injured, but fortunately, the security of the Twilight Lamb recovers them.  Their actions are seen as revenge for their kidnapping and luckily little comes of it.

Den has gained more trust from the ship’s council and is made the leader of an Emergency Procedures and Special Capabilities team.  Den trains his team well, and when the Twilight Lamb receives a distress call from the new space liner, Regia Anglorum, his team is sent to stabilize the reactors and get the ship back under control.  While Den’s team works, the passengers are shuttled over to the Twilight Lamb.  Unfortunately, the Regia Anglorum is a pirated ship.  The Athenian Charter is using the Regia Anglorum as a decoy to take over the Twilight Lamb.  In this age, the key to control of the Confederation of Human Space is the Family Trading Ships.  Some of the passengers are pirates who use modern weapons and ancient military psyonic control devices to take over the Twilight Lamb.  Now, Den, Natana, and their team must use every resource they have to recapture the Twilight Lamb—before their families are slaughtered.

Author's reviewers' quotes:

“Brilliant continuation of Athelstan Cying.  Den and Natana are a mix of gasoline and air.  Their explosive adventures drive Twilight Lamb.”

“Filled with enough spaceships and planets to capture the heart of any science fiction fan, enough action and suspense to please the adventure crowd, and lots of real human interaction for the rest of us.”

“Continues the psychological depth of the first novel.  The characters continue to grow and enlighten us. ”

Short descriptive teasers:

Ghost: Twilight Lamb continues the adventures of Den and Natana on the Twilight Lamb as they determine their purpose and build their destiny.

With the help of Natana Kern, Den Protania redeemed himself in the eyes of the Family Trading Ship, Twilight Lamb—now, he must come to grips with an enemy outside the Family Trading Ships that is arming itself with psyonic weapons.    

The Athenian Charter is an interstellar political and criminal organization that is accumulating psyonic military equipment to take over the Confederation of Human Space—Den and Natana Protania must use their unique abilities to fight this new foe and save their families and ship.    

Further Information:

Ghost: Twilight Lamb is the second novel in the Ghost Ship Chronicles. 

The Ghost Ship Chronicles is a follow-on from the distant future of the universe introduced in the Chronicles of the Dragon and the Fox.

  Steps in the publication process:


     Proposal with novel information and synopsis sent to publisher

         This novel was odd because the publisher requested a sequel and therefore knew it was coming.  Generally, the publisher wants information and a synopsis in their format prior to receiving the manuscript.

ü     Manuscript sent to publisher - 10 January 2009

     OakTara agreed to contract the Novel

     OakTara sent a contract

     Contract signed and returned

     Final signed contract copy returned from publisher

Cover - will move to the author page when I have an initial cover, this section and info will also move to the secrets page with a cover.

     Request from publisher for cover ideas - when I finish a novel, I develop a title (if I haven't already), produce the marketing information and synopsis (usually a 500 and 250 word synopsis), and work on a cover concept.  I have one in mind for this novel, but it is a take off on the original cover for Aegypt.

     Sent cover ideas to Publisher

     Publisher's recommended covers

     Final front cover development

     Development of cover back

     Final entire cover

     Cover spine sized for book


ü     Manuscript sent to publisher - 10 January 2009

     Proofs sent from publisher

     Proof corrections to publisher

     Final sent from publisher

     Final approved


     Publisher sends completed novel portfolio to press

     Publication - copies in hand


     Press release


     Web presence  




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